Are you struggling to reach the women who make up your hospital or health system’s target market? Do you need a clear assessment of your current challenge and guidance on how to meet your female consumers in the most efficient and targeted way possible? I can help with a consultation.

My unique approach to solving your healthcare challenge is based on my background in behavioral science. By combining my years of marketing healthcare to women with my access to one of the largest health and lifestyle data sources on women in the country, I can help you define and communicate with your specific female target audiences.

I start the process by gaining an understanding of how I can help you.

  • First, I ask about your business objectives.
  • Next, I work with you to build an accurate assessment of your current communications and how women are responding to them.
  • Then, I help you understand how you can motivate women in your target markets and thereby meet your business objectives.

Call me at 513-287-1800 or email me at to schedule a time to talk about your hospital or health system marketing challenge.